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Our thoughts exactly

Can you imagine any bank/credit union or whatever giving a 30 year mortgage to an 85 year old woman who is over line on her credit cards? Who just six years ago owed $750 more per month to pay just her minimums than her income was? Who in one month alone had over $1,000 in hot check fees. Seriously? When her only source of income is ss and that you can not garnish? Because you know sil is not about to think far enough ahead to get a 15 year note and the fact she refers to it as a down payment means they are trying to get a mortgage. NowGuaranteed.Com – guaranteed payday loan online with no teletrack needed!! But hey, if they can’t get the mortgage then she has all that money to spend anyway she likes right? Which I believe is her actual plan. I know of more than once she would tell dmil her trailer was being repoed and dmil would give her $1,000 or so to stop it from happening and then the next day sil would have a new computer, or washer, or whatever.

More likely sil has gone to some sort of loan shark to get high interest loan in her name and is having dmil co-sign. Then as soon as closing is done she thinks she’ll get off scott free if dmil dies. I imagine the money they’ve taken out on the cc is their earnest money and guess what they are going to lose that, because they are not getting that brokerage account. Buying a house is NOT an emergency. That money is for an emergency plain and simple, nothing else.

This is typical of this sil though. She decides she wants something and she will sneak around trying to get it. When the excrement hits the wind moving device she then finds someone else to blame for the problem. Dh says the text is her way of setting us up to be the “bad guy” in this. Unfortunately for her, this is not how the law will see it. We are protecting a senior citizen from someone trying to take advantage of her. Just as I promised I’d do to my dfil.

It might have been different if she had been dealing honestly with us this last year plus time, but she hasn’t. So why should we jump to her command at this point? Who died and made her God?”