The only phone in the house is sil’s cell phone

which she keeps glued to her and when she lets dmil on it she stands right at her shoulder and tells her what to say.
Dh’s 65 birthday is Monday, but I doubt he’ll get a call from her. Sil won’t allow it.
Once there is actual communication between sil –who will keep trying to get the money—he is going to demand to see his mother ALONE. Well not really alone, I will be there and maybe dbil and the good dsil. But no bad sil allowed. If this is refused then we will look at other options.
No money is going to the sil no matter what. Even if we do have to finally call the cops on her. Which I was ready to do over a year ago. I’ve contacted my snitch and he’s going to try and think of a reason to go see dmil that won’t be too suspicious with all that is going on. At least I know he’ll report honestly to me.