When we went to bed last night

we knew that we were on the outer band of the big winter front that would be moving through last night and we could get one of four things 1) Rain, 2) Sleet, 3) Snow or my preferred 4) nothing at all.
At 6:00 am nothing had fallen so we thought we’d got option #4—YES! I went back to bed and the guys went off to work—after discovering one of our old cats had been accidentally left outdoors all night—we all thought that 4 pound calico was in the house. Luckily Liz is OK but her little hooded brow is really angry with us—It was below freezing last night. Hopefully she slept in the heated sunroom with the dogs, she comes and goes via the doggie door out there all the time.
At 8:15 am my phone rang, as I opened my eyes I looked out the bedroom window to see near blizzard conditions—option #3 had hit, but that is still better than sleet/ice.
I didn’t recognize the number on the caller ID and thinking it was a mystery shopping company calling to beg me to do a last minute shop—the answer would have been a definite NO– I answered the phone.
It was our broker, and the news was not good, but it was something we’ve been expecting for a long time. THE sil had contacted him at 8:00 am—when she thought they had just opened and identified herself to the broker then demanded he sell everything in the joint tenancy account between my dmil and my dh. She informed him that they were buying a house and that dmil was giving her the nearly $14,000 in the account. He let her babble on a bit and then answered with one word “NO.”
He said she got angry—this sil doesn’t take that word well at all—and told him it was her mother’s money and she could do what she wanted with it. Bless the broker’s heart he let her go on a bit (he’d been warned this call would come some day, we didn’t know it would be for a house we just knew that sil’s greed would take her to attempt the theft at some point and was prepared). Once she got through venting he told her that he didn’t care what type of paperwork sil claimed she had she did not have any rights where this account was concerned and that without him speaking to both dmil and dh directly not a penny was leaving that account. She amazingly enough would not put dmil on the phone. Further proof she is going behind everyone’s back. He told her to have dmil contact dh and then if the two of them agreed to it then the transaction would take place once he had been legally notified by both parties both by phone and by written confirmation, but not before then. He said she hung up quite pissed off.