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Crash and burn into a brick wall for certain

There is the over $10,000 she’s spent in three weeks on cc that will show up on credit reports soon and that is going to hurt their chances that much more. If one of the cc calls me I will tell them that they need to check into identity theft, because dmil doesn’t drive, has no car she could legally drive, has no driver’s license, she is computer inept, and she does not know how to operate a cell phone and there is no land line in the home. So the charges cannot possibly be her. Not to mention her mental condition.

Yeppers, sil is about to become cheetah food.

Just as soon as I figure out where dmil is

The last time we tried to see her we were informed by my niece that she was in KS with the other sil. Seems like she’s in KS a lot. So is this house even in OK?

My suspicions too

I wonder if SIL thought she could waltz out of the bank with that money in hand, and go spend it on fun stuff. Like she’s apparently been doing with her cc’s for awhile now. With ever-more-stringent loan conditions, no mortgage lender could hope to approve a loan for your mom without having already checked into this stuff and seen that not everything is, as it appears to be. I think I hear a faint “tick tock tick tock” on SIL’s money romp coming to an end.

I just got a copy of the text

Remember this is from a blocked number:

“1/2You need to call (broker name was here) and tell him to let mom have HER money..she has bought a house and needs it for a down payment immediately. Have him call m

2/2om at this number when it is ready to be picked up.”

So dh isn’t even allowed to speak to his mother about it? I don’t think so. Especially since the money legally belongs to dh.

Text messages don’t hold up in all courts…

I knew a girls who tried to say her baby daddy was verbally abusive to her and she tried to use the text messages and the judge basically told her that there wasn’t enough proof to say “he” was the one that sent them or someone using his phone…I never did believe her as I’ve always seen her as the aggressor

Our thoughts exactly

Can you imagine any bank/credit union or whatever giving a 30 year mortgage to an 85 year old woman who is over line on her credit cards? Who just six years ago owed $750 more per month to pay just her minimums than her income was? Who in one month alone had over $1,000 in hot check fees. Seriously? When her only source of income is ss and that you can not garnish? Because you know sil is not about to think far enough ahead to get a 15 year note and the fact she refers to it as a down payment means they are trying to get a mortgage. NowGuaranteed.Com – guaranteed payday loan online with no teletrack needed!! But hey, if they can’t get the mortgage then she has all that money to spend anyway she likes right? Which I believe is her actual plan. I know of more than once she would tell dmil her trailer was being repoed and dmil would give her $1,000 or so to stop it from happening and then the next day sil would have a new computer, or washer, or whatever.

More likely sil has gone to some sort of loan shark to get high interest loan in her name and is having dmil co-sign. Then as soon as closing is done she thinks she’ll get off scott free if dmil dies. I imagine the money they’ve taken out on the cc is their earnest money and guess what they are going to lose that, because they are not getting that brokerage account. Buying a house is NOT an emergency. That money is for an emergency plain and simple, nothing else.

This is typical of this sil though. She decides she wants something and she will sneak around trying to get it. When the excrement hits the wind moving device she then finds someone else to blame for the problem. Dh says the text is her way of setting us up to be the “bad guy” in this. Unfortunately for her, this is not how the law will see it. We are protecting a senior citizen from someone trying to take advantage of her. Just as I promised I’d do to my dfil.

It might have been different if she had been dealing honestly with us this last year plus time, but she hasn’t. So why should we jump to her command at this point? Who died and made her God?”


But my response is: Ah, but you see the legal notification we sent all three siblings said “In writing via US MAIL.” Texting is not US MAIL. I saw this coming and knew she’d try to get around to providing any info what so ever on this. Sharon this is the same sil I discussed the funeral arrangement problems with back 15 months or so ago off list.
I’d love to see the house, the loan papers, WHOSE name is on the title etc. But you know that is never going to happen because it’s all a big scam.
As for dmil, yep, we will be checking on her even more often and despite what sil says we will see her alone any time we want—long story on that one. Let’s just say she’s posted to the world we are not to be trusted and will not be left alone with dmil.

I’m coming late to this bonfire

and dang this really has blown up on you. My sincere condolences. I know you’ll find your way through this and that you’ll keep your DMIL safe and sound and protected. I also have a sneaky suspicion that SIL is about to crash and burn. S’mores, anyone? Do what you have to do, with your standard skill and savvy, and you’ll come out on top. I look forward to the eventual email that SIL is D-O-N-E.
Kimberly J. Horn, still fighting her own battles today.

Dh just called

He got a text from a blocked number stating MOM has bought a house Call (broker’s name) and close the account. Call when you have the check and I’ll pick it up.

No will you, not from his mother, just the order. It wasn’t even signed. It could have been from anyone. And how the heck are we suppose to call. We have no phone number. This woman has a brass set for certain. He is not responding. The official notification she received seven times in the past is all financial requests must be submitted in writing.

We have no proof even that Mom is still alive. Dh is sending me a copy of the text for our files.

Our pharmacist has been a lot of help in finding ways to reduce costs

including finding cards that pay for individual meds like you’re writing about or whatever else it took. If you are a regular at your drug store, your pharmacist may be able to help you. I am not sure if the help we received was due to patronizing a local pharmacy or not? They do know us by sight and name at our drug store, which is why I am staying at my locally owned and run drug store. 😀

Prescription Sites?

Due to changes in our healthcare insurance, I am shopping for lowest cost for a reoccurring Rx. Any tips? I just paid $288 and am hoping to get if for less next time! Wondering if there are any good online sites or comparison sites?

Thank you!

Last week was a very physical week here

with lots of hay/feed moving and equipment wrestling and hog wrangling and other on-the-farm livestock sports that make me look forward to down time. But desk time was also had, with a lot of time put into creating a break-even spreadsheet for the garden area. Oddly enough, that particular spreadsheet is turning out to be one of our biggest, in terms of the types of inputs which can potentially go into any one planting bed, any one year. Thing is turning into a monster. But I have slated today and tomorrow to be “easy days” where I can get enough desk time to finish that particular project, after which point I’ll post it for all you folks who want to figure out how much your home-grown tomatoes are going to cost you this year. PS – Jan, once again your household and ours are working in parallel. We decided this year to limit our gardening work to crop types we know have succeeded in the past, and even then we’re going to limit our growing goals. Instead, we’re going to focus on bed renovation and getting all the stored compost out there. That’ll make for some very happy earthworms and perhaps a faster startup next year.

We are doing something new with the household and farm budgets for March. After a lot of discussion we’ve come to the conclusion that the method we’re currently using of allocating our various sources of income, needs to change. We’re equally unhappy with how money comes in, is deposited in this or that account, how it is transferred back and forth and ultimately where it “lives”. A lot of excess movement there, and each of those movements is one more darn thing we have to keep track of. So part of my tasks this week will be to brainstorm different ways to allocate funds. I’m not talking about changing $$$ amounts to each of the categories, per se. But rather which account(s) are used for various income, working money and savings. DH is very suspicious of automated withdrawals and transfers, and I guess I can’t blame him after my experience with Chase. But we need more efficient money movement because our current approach has become a weekly, time consuming chore. I’m not sure how that’ll go but we’re going to brainstorm different ideas and come up with something new between now and March. We’ll see how that works out.

Also, this coming weekend we’re going to attend a farm finances conference in our area, which should be interesting. Keeping in mind that the American agriculture community as a whole has become woefully dependent on credit, we may go to this conference and hear nothing but “borrow borrow borrow” for eight hours. In which case we’ll just quietly come home and think to ourselves we still prefer DR. What I’m hoping for instead, will be some discussion of how to manage things like cash flow and working capital and when is an expense really an investment, and how to proactively plan for those such that finances become another tool in the toolbox, rather than a dreaded topic that drags us around by the collar. Not sure what to expect from that conference, but it’ll be interesting from the small business end of things. I promise not to come home with a new line of credit from the Farm Bureau. If I am somehow bewitched into getting one, y’all have my permission and invitation to come up here and flog me good.

Sounds like a lot of fun

We may try out camping with the youngins this summer. Ohio state parks have some rent a camp tents & bare cabins we’ll try b4 buying the tents an such. If the kids …..or I hate it, I’d rather not invest a ton in equipment.

With all the camping you are planning on doing you might want to look at the national parks pass

For your family it would cut the camping at all national parks, some state parks and most corps of engineer parks to half price. Since your dh is a vet and disabled you should be able to get the pass for your entire family at a fairly cheap price. Besides the camping it makes going into national parks free for however many are in your vehicle up to a certain price and kids under a certain age are free anyway. So your whole family should be covered.
We generally camp stay at corps of engineer campgrounds while we are traveling. If you find all of the above are full then check for discounts such as AAA, Veterans/Military, your auto insurance company, and for folks on disability at all the commercial campgrounds. Also check to see if they have stay so many days and so many are free. Many campgrounds have that unadvertised special.
Then there are always the campground special’s Good Sam’s—the camping company not the big box store, Sam’s Club, Cosco probably has discounts too, KOA, Woodalls, Campersworld (maybe camping world I forget which), Coast to Coast, Campgrounds of America. These all generally charge a fee to purchase the card initially, but then you get so much off per night and so many nights free after so many. I’d comparison shop.


I know this has been answered but , I can’t remember the answer. We bought two huge tents on clearance for $143 shipped. We rescheduled Dave to memorial weekend so we could camp to save on hotel money. We are planning to camp at Disney and again at my friend’s house on the river. We also camp at the creek here too during the summer.We figured buying good camping equipment would save us a lot on hotels and be fun for the kiddos. My question is where was it you found cheap campsites ? A bunch of the places in TN over memorial day are as high a hotel. Not to mention they are tacking a $4 a extra person charge and a extra tent fee. We have 5 extra people and two tents. It is seriously higher to camp in TN than at Disney! Dave needs to move to Florida. LOL